Tuesday, 22 June 2010

just wear your pearls….

Yesterday my camera failed me… well it was my fault that I didn’t recharge the batteries… and we were just able to take one picture, the one below.
I just love wearing pearls… they’re so intriguing… because they can make “that” detail.

But I also love scarves, nowadays Hubby has been saying that I’m making scarves as my “trade mark” and I have to admit that in last days I always wear one (you can check on published pictures).
But don’t be afraid of wearing your necklace under your scarf, because if it gets hot and you’ll feel the need to take of the scarf you’ll be still stylish with your necklace.

I really like tipped jackets!!! They remind me classic Chanel jackets and if you think of it, you’ll get the right visual in your mind. I believe that this classic look is always in style…

black varnish Mary Janes shoes - H&M
gray tights – Calzedonia
black and white printed dress - Jacob (Toronto)
black blazer with white tipping – Zara
white pearl necklaces - mainland store
violet scarf - C&A
purple hues handbag – Rafthi
sunglasses -Pull and Bear


  1. Great advice about wearing the scarf OVER the necklace....

    I'm noticing your shoes and liking them. I'd like to see the pattern on your purse/bag better. What I can see looks beautiful!

  2. That is a fantastic suggestion. And the look still remains classic. Loving the scraf and the hand bag too!

    Thank you for your encouraging words and visits. HHL

  3. Que linda!]
    Adorei as cores!
    Adoro lenços!

  4. I love the combination of pearls and scarf!

    Andrea xx

  5. That jacket with the pearls, very chanel indeed.So chic. You should be walking the streets of Paris or Milano,somewhere chic and sophisticated like that :)

  6. I love the trim on your blazer.

  7. Good point about wearing the necklace AND the scarf.

  8. I came by via Rebecca's blog. That jacket is really nice, and the scarf/pearls idea is a good one.


  9. i like this outfit honey, with the touch of the purple and the preppy jacket.

    Happy sunday

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  12. Do you think anyone will be champion of Euro 2012?


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