Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Alert…. Alert…. Westrags 100% off again...


We know, it’s summer - so you’re probably not actively thinking about adding to your outerwear wardrobe. But when the warm days end and the cool evenings set in, you’ll want a versatile lightweight jacket to keep you warm. Or wear it like I did yesterday on my travel.

We’re digging this Safari Chic style jacket for its long silhouette and drawstring gathered waist. Wear it this summer and then keep on to wear it as a key layering piece this fall.

And you know what? You can have it for free. This or other pieces.

Continuing its three weeks campaign Westrags will place today around 20h GMT these three references that you can buy at a discount of 100% ... which means totally free!

- Kumbo Dress
- Dakar Jacket
- Kiwi Top

But there’s more… another surprise item will also be placed. So stay tuned to Westrags’ Facebook page because just Facebook fans will have the opportunity to know in first hand what are the pieces of the week and when they will be for free.

And hurry, because they can run out of stock as it happened last week.
Good luck to everyone and don’t forget to be a Westrags’ Facebook page fan so you can enter!




  1. Oh how the weather can so quickly turn ... as much as I am enjoying this wonderful weather - Autumn is my fav season!!! That is a great jacket and I'm really liking the belt!

    Thank you for your visit today my friend... you made me smile ...

    Hope you are enjoying your time away! XO HHL

  2. Adorei a sandália, amiga!!!

  3. Girl, you look really good! I love your hairstyle...Hope you are having a good time! Love you!

  4. lurrrrve the belt & shoes seeker~
    stay fab as always!



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