Saturday, 17 July 2010

different ways to wear a scarf...

You know that I’m a scarves lover!!!
Sometimes I think that they become like a signature of mine (well not in summer… never the less…).
After seeing this post by Savvy Gal I remembered an e-mail I’ve received with different ways to wear a scarf.

So putting the fun back into scarves, let’s see those ways:

The Bag Charm
Inject colour and pattern into a handbag by lacing your scarf through the buckles or simply trying it to the strap.

The Classic
Traditionally tied around the neck and knotted to one side, this look injects colour into any outfit.

The Bow Tie
Add a sartorial twist to your look by styling your scarf into a flamboyant bow and making a statement in silk.

The Boho
Unleash the hippy child within by looping once around your neck and leaving the long ends of the scarf to flow.

The Shoulder Surfer
For a touch of old school glamour, pin your scarf to a blazer or winter coat using a vintage brooch.

The Neckerschief
The new trendsetter: diagonally fold a large square in two knotting the two ends behinf your neck and arranging the triangle shape at the front.


  1. what wondrful tips!!! I always get confused which way to fold, wrap etc..

    I started wearing scarves about 2 years ago on a more regular basis now. Have a great Saturday..HHL

  2. c este calor a k prefiro é a k adorna a mala.
    obrigada e bom fim-de-semana Pa ti tb :)

  3. Awesome ideas, darling!
    Love the scarf-tied bag especially!


  4. Hello Seeker, thank you for the lovely comment. I'm glad you left it.
    Terrific blog. Let's talk about that big flowered Mango Shirt. Love it!
    And the post on Giovanna Battaglia, she is amazing, you posted some great photos of her. I will be back.

  5. A girl after my own heart. I have a large scarf collection too. I don't wear them much this time of year, especially this year since it's been too hot this summer. I don't even wear necklaces when it gets too hot, don't like the feeling of things around my neck, too sweaty.

    I think some scarves are a work of art, just beautiful. Hermes in particular are just magnificent.


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