Monday, 26 July 2010

an easy way to step out of the ordinary… with a dressing gown…

In an age of increased efficiency and constant connectivity, things which are truly personal and indulgent sometimes become what we really need to stay sane. And this doesn’t mean they need be expensive - just important to us and a little bit special.

At the end of a long day, having left the trappings of the outside world in the coat closet, something new and special for home is a welcome addition: A dressing gown is the perfect indulgence once one’s daytime ensemble is dismantled, and an easy way to step out of the ordinary.
A dressing gown is a garment worn at home, once just required for a man, that both men and women wear while relaxing or before getting dressed. The man’s dressing gown is available in different sizes to suit different body types. Knee length and calf length are common lengths, they have full sleeves and some of them are even equipped with pockets. Cotton and polyester are some of the materials used to make them which usually come with a sash-like tie that has to be tied around the waist

Usually it refers to a robe worn in the morning time over ones pyjamas since there is nothing as comfortable to sleep in as a pair of pyjamas, warm, snugly, and soft.

Or in summer time why not just over ones boxer shorts which are a type of underwear that has gained popularity in recent years due to the comfort they offer to those who use them. These shorts have become a viable alternative to briefs, which have a tendency to be too tight for comfort.

You can find these pieces on-line in Derek Rose who provides a wide range of loungewear, boxer shorts and nightwear including luxury pyjamas.

Anyway a dressing gown allows one to both feel comfortable and look dashing while lounging around ones home.

All images courtesy of Derek Rose
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