Friday, 16 July 2010

funny face… and the kindergarten….

I just had to share with you this funny face decoration that the Chef who prepares every day my lunch made. (As many of you know I’m a vegetarian and he does vegetarian dishes just for me.)
I just had such a good laugh!!!!


On our way home we passed the kinder playground and I took the change to make some shots.
The weather today was cloudy, but very shiny.

I really love my new belt, it was a treat I did to myself since the holidays aren’t being what I would like of them.




gray sandals - local store
gray pants - C&A
gray-ish blue shirt - Stradivarius
beige with brow, gray, blue floral prints tank - Vero Moda
brown belt - Vero Moda
brown bracelet - C&A
long blue and silver earrings - C&A
sunglasses - Pull and Bear


  1. That was so cute ... your Chef is an artist too!!

    I love the layerd look and your belt just adds that little wow factor!!

    I saw Shreko (psychologist) today - and he suggested when I'm feeling down and not happy with how things are going to say to myself "What could I do to solve this situation" his explaination is that by posing such a question the positive side of our brain kicks in as we search (think) of ways to solve it - it starts the positive way of thinkiing process. I'm going to try it... thought you may find it useful to help your holidays be more how you expected them to be... Happy friday my friend Hugs from across the ocean..HHL

  2. What a unique belt!

    And aren't you fortunate to have your own chef -- and one with a fine sense of humor, too?!?

  3. I'm glad you shared the funny face that the Chef made for you (lol), I think that he cares a lot about you and likes to make you smile... He's a good friend!


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