Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I don’t wear shorts…. but I wear bermudas….

No, no, no…. it’s not what you’re thinking about, I’m not going to say that is because of my age, but just because I have no legs to pull them off… lol

So as I’m on vacation (for 3 weeks and I’m on the first one) I now can wear casual, weekend, holidays’ outfits and denim is part of them.
It’s a huge trend this Spring and can be worn in so many ways. Oh, yes, denim is having its day.
All across the world, women are working, playing, living in their denim pieces and so am I… lol
I have these bermudas for such a long time, but they are really good for now.

Now that we’re on holidays I would like to take many pictures. But the first rule of photography techniques it’s the one we miss the most… Carry your camera all the time… of course, dah!!!

(I’ve published the photos slightly smaller not to overwhelm the smaller screens, what do you think?)





brown sandals - Zara
denim bermudas - C&A
white tank - H&M
blue floral printed cardigan - Stradivarius
sunglasses - Pull and Bear
blue head rose - local store
blue bag - Westrags


  1. You look great! What weather... Enjoy your holiday xo

  2. You look relaxed, comfortable and quite stylish! I like bermuda shorts myself... Enjoy your holiday and take lots of pictures..HHL

  3. Mas que gira! Amei esse cardigan.E a paisagem é estupenda. Boas férias! :)

  4. gostei do título de n usares calções,mas usares bermudas..está criativo!!

  5. tbm adoro bermudas seeker, são mesmo adequadas e elegantes para meninas e mulheres de todas as idades e ainda ótimas para o verão!


  6. You look fabulous, as per usual. I'm so happy for you on holiday. The weather looks just wonderful!

    Have a great and magnificent time on your vacation!

  7. You look comfortable. I really like that last pose...You look pensive but at peace.

    As you may know, denim is one of my favorite looks...You wear it well.


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