Saturday, 17 July 2010

it’s difficult to talk about fashion…

… so it seems Garance Doré took to her blog to opine about the difficulties of writing about fashion:
"You have no idea how hard it is to write about fashion! It’s hell! Not only are the terms just as seasonal as the clothes we don’t want anymore at the end of the summer, but new trends, materials, and cuts appear every three days and demand their rights: to be named! So you’d better not let an outdated word cross your lips, ok?"

I think you should take a look, it’s very interesting!!!

Also today I read this quote:
It’s taken me years to discover my look. I used to change it all the time, but that’s because I was trying to find out who I was. I’m thrilled that I finally found out.”

Lucky her…. I’m still searching…..




blue sandals - La Redoute
brown pants - C&A
light denim vest - Venca
light blue printed with stripes and flowers shirt - Mango
brown bracelet - C&A
long blue and silver earrings - C&A
sunglasses - Pull and Bear
hat - local store


  1. I would imagine it being a little difficult for you to "find" your look, so to speak. You have such a versatile style and your look is always impeccable.

    Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. I'm still searching too! As for Garance - if its hell love, don't do it! Most of us blog because we love it, I don't think I would bother if I found it hellish, I could easily fill the time!

  3. I'm so loving the hat!!!! You look tres chic, mon ami!!

    Wonder what her formula was for finding her "look" - ??? Happy Sunday my friend - Hugs..HHL

  4. i love that hat on yous sweetpea! you look chic!
    happy sunday dear and I hope you are well.


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