Monday, 26 July 2010

leaving to be sure of the return…

My dear readers and blogging friends, I’ve been on holidays for two weeks and this is my last one.
Those who know me for some time ago also know that my Summer holidays were always spent out of the Island, usually in my mother-in-law’s home and some escaping to “recharge batteries”.
This time we were not made-up to go out, since these first times of the year were very tough. My mother’s loss, my mother-in-law being very sick and we going to mainland to see her and then we had to go another time when she deceased.
After that we also decided to do some home renovation and remodelling, and with the crisis it’s not supposed to be the best time for travelling.
Also with mother-in-law disappearance we were stopped to have a place to stay for free.
But the Island has so much of a duality… when we contemplate the horizon line in search of answers it both constringes us as it set us free.
The islander has the need to leave the Island to have the certainty of the return…
That’s what is happening to me….
So for the good of my metal health from tomorrow until Friday I’ll be out of my Island to get the need of missing Home…


  1. My friend ... I wish you a safe and wonderful journey. I will miss you - but look forward to your return!!!... HHL

  2. I think that those are feelings that belong to all islanders even though most don't admit having them.... but I am with you and I understand it 100%. As Paulo Coelho says it so well: "Sometimes you need to lose your old self to find yourself. But when you find yourself,don't lose yourself again...."

    Kisses, enjoy your trip as much as you can....

  3. I am at the point now where I'm longing to get away from my surroundings. I'm yearning to get away to another country, not just out of state. I guess I need the opportunity to be missing home as well!

    Have a wonderful holiday and be safe!

  4. aproveite bastante minha querida amiga!!

    Todos os meus beijinhos,



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