Sunday, 18 July 2010

let’s face the sea, sailor…

Am I too matchy-matchy??? Yes I AM!!!!
But you know what…???
I don’t give it a dam!!!!

Normally, I am against anything too matchy-matchy. I tend to think of matchy-matchy (I hate that term btw) as being overly coordinated without any sense of personal style or taste.
But lately I’ve been thinking (since I've been avoiding some colours) where’s the line between matchy versus coordinated?
Many people think perfectly coordinated outfits are old-fashioned and stuffy. That it just looks too trying-too-hard and robot-esque.
Now I ask “why an all black outfit is cool and not too matchy???”
So I’ve been thinking that with the right colour combos and accessories matchy outfits can look fresh and modern. That the key is to coordinate only items in an outfit so that we don't overdo it
To balance it out with neutrals, then add a glam factor like gold bangles or an animal print purse, and we're good to go.
Well… I could go on and try to explain better my thoughts, but to tell you the truth it’s too dam humid and hot to make an effort to do that in a foreign language. (Sometimes it’s not easy for me… you know…)

But I'm curious to hear what you think of this matchy-matchy issue. Some insights…????

Oh I forgot to take a proper picture showing the shirt’s embellished shoulders, I think they really make it.




gray sandals - local store
navy blue skirt - was mother's
navy blue and gray stripped shirt - Tally Weijl
navy belt - mainland store
long blue and silver earrings - C&A

I’m in love with this building. It’s a building in the classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, zone of my city. It is a building in ruins that they utilized to make homage to a young local photographer. It just has the forefront.



  1. i think the outfit looks great and the pale shoes make it not so matchy matchy. Any good stylist will say work with three colours and thats what you have done. If the shoes had been dark it wouldn't have looked so fresh.

  2. I'm all good with matchy! And I do love your shirt. I'm totally obsessed with nautical clothing right now.

  3. I'm not really a matchy, matchy person either. But you look absolutely fabulous in THAT outfit. I like the nautical flavor with the horizontal stripes. The skirt fits perfectly and of course, I love the shoes.

    Have a fabulous week, my dear.

  4. Lovely outfit, I think the belt and the shoes break the matchy matchy a little. Great idea, great post.

    Thanks for your kind comment on my last post, great hearing from you.

    Hope your week starts off well.

  5. Love it, darling!
    Great top!


  6. Without over-analyzing why, I find the outfit VERY attractive! I think you look absolutely great in it - the heels elongate your legs, the skirt is a fantastic fit, and stripes always catch my eye!

  7. I love that you don't give a damn! Wear whatever you want.

  8. i think matchy matchy can be ok as long as it is properly accessorized!

  9. Black and white are so classic and timeless that they will never look matched. Just classic and timeless. It's a lovely outfit, and it would work in almost any season (with change of shoes).

  10. great combination! black is always beautiful. Stay happy, beautiful and sweet seeker!



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