Monday, 19 July 2010

tip of the day... hosting a cocktail party?

Hosting a cocktail party? Find out how you can save money by incorporating a drink menu.

The cocktail party is a well-known social gathering. Your drinks are the essential part of your party. You have a choice of preparing a full bar or a drink menu.

When you go for a full bar, your guests have the option of choosing their preferred drink. This is recommended when you have a wide selection of spirits available for mixing up to come up with various drinks.

A drink menu, on the contrary, can help you save your money because you it does not require a completely stocked bar. You can simply put together a list of drinks together with the ingredients.

You can create a drink menu by classifying similar types into the following groups: martinis, classic cocktails, tropical drink menu, frozen drinks, hot drinks, single spirit menu, and special concoctions.

Make sure to have several printed lists of your drink menu and place them in menu covers to ensure that they will not get wet during the party.
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