Wednesday, 14 July 2010

tip of the day… wrap a gift in a unique way…

Gifts convey many emotions. Beautifully wrapped packages show so much care and love. A gift should always be distinct so it is more meaningful.

You can make it extra special by wrapping your present with artistic materials. Giving unique gifts to your loved ones and friends brings forth a good and lasting impression about you. It shows your creativity and resourcefulness.

Wrapping them uniquely is possible when you follow these fun tips: think about giving gift packages, use surprising wrappers, use uncommon package ties, use unexpected containers, ingeniously use gift labels, and reveal some emotions onto the gift.

Show your creativity and resourcefulness and make your gift unforgettable.


  1. What a great post ... I just finished posting about a parcel I received today - that truly made my day - by the way it had been so carefully and sweetly put together. Have a great day my friend..HHL

  2. I love the stamp with the three blossoms...did you carve these?


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