Saturday, 14 August 2010

and so we returned home from the holidays…

I haven’t been a good blogger these days… I know.
But life has those things and we must set some priorities even if they are just our very own priorities.
Sometimes the good’s worst enemy is “best”.
Well, I had in mind to do several posts (one post per day) about my little trip, that despite being soooooo little it was just great!!!!! But then it just stopped to make sense, so here is a brief picture.

This time we decided, since we went to other island, to go by boat and return by plane.
Despite I’m an islander I don’t deal very well with boats and the sea…. I prefer to just deal with the sea that sets us free.
But since I couldn’t swim to there, of course I had to use the boat.
After a few hours seated very quite or I could be seasick, we arrived.

Next day all we wanted was to see some parts of the city we didn’t know yet and the new yachting marina.

All evenings we went to the shopping centre. It’s something great to fight against stress, even if just for a “bath” of windows’ shopping.

If you remember some post of my holidays almost on all of them I used to complain about the difficulty I have being vegetarian to eat properly. This time I had no problem. I even found vegetarian fast food…

And it came the time when I screamed, he screamed, we screamed… for ice cream…lol Even a more curious pigeon wanted ice cream.
I couldn’t miss taking a picture of it.

There was an exhibition of dinosaurs, I couldn’t even reach one of them.

As I’ve said you before there’s nothing better to be sure of the return than leaving home…

By the way yesterday was my wedding anniversary. What we did… classified… so I better not tell you or I would have to kill you and I don’t want that…. (just kidding of course) lol


  1. Belatedly I wish you a Happy Anniversary! Your vacation sounds very interesting and you look AMAZING and happy! It is good to have you "back". I look forward to more fashion posts.

  2. That was a nice little outing & a wonderful anniversary get-away. You look gorgeous.

  3. ~Happy Anniversary~ Looks like a fun little vacation...~And you look fabulous ~Love Heather

  4. parabéns pelo aniversário de casamento :)
    boas férias certo?!?
    adorei o azul chamativo do blazer.

  5. awwwe .. Happy Belated Anniversary my friend!!! Looks like a beautiful island... and that you had a wonderful time...!!! You look happy and relaxed ... Hugs...HHL

  6. You look Excellent, my dear... and your mini-vacation seems like a lot of fun! Happy Belated Anniversary!

  7. it looks that you had so much fun.. I'm lusting to go on vacations again!

    Here there's vegetarian fast food as well, haven't thought about them until you just mentioned them.

    Ice cream.. I want some as well, maybe tomorrow.. no, no, for sure

    tons of love!


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