Saturday, 21 August 2010

the school bag...

I’m not a celebrities follower.
I might like some outfits, but I don’t try to redo theirs styles.

However in this case when I saw this Alexa Chung picture and the bag she was carrying I just knew I had to have one similar.

The satchel, also known as school bag, brought me so many memories….good memories... even memories of Dad…

So here is mine, dark brown, not a Mulberry Alexa, but just bought in Saint Michael Island’s Stradivarius, something I don’t give a damn because in this case what really matters to me are the emotions...

(sorry for the bad picture)

( These pictures are for you to have a perception of the bag size)


  1. Oh yepp, I really love Mulberry Alexa too.

  2. Is your bag as large as Alexa's? I really like yours! Fascinating to see her hold it by the small "handle" and leave the large one flop...

    Enjoy carrying your bag and all the memories that go with it!

  3. Hi there-your version is lovely my dear!! take care and hope you have a nice weekend too x

  4. I like the one you chose ... its very particle and I agree fashion should be about how it makes you feel!!! XO .. Happy Week-end ... HHL

  5. Great Bag Love it! .....That will be a wonderful accessory I am sure you will get a lot of use out of it ~ Enjoy your bag ~Love Heather

  6. i like your satchel dear

  7. i am so into hermes bag right now... nice bags though!

  8. Love your bag! Very beautiful!
    would love to have one like that myself!

  9. I want one and I want it now


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