Tuesday, 3 August 2010

tip of the day... have you a comfortable office chair...?

You can be more productive at work with a comfortable office chair.

Discover some helpful ideas so you can have the right office chair for you.
Having the best quality office chairs in the workplace is a major concern for many people who want the best in comfort and ease when completing various tasks in the workplace.
Choosing one requires a certain amount of scrutiny so you get the best one for you.
Here are important features you will want to make sure the office chair you have has:
- an adjustable seat height;
- a movable backrest;
- lumbar support;
- adequate width and depth of the seat;
- comfortable padding and material,
- armrests;
- control for adjustments;
- easy mobility.
If you pass more than 7 hours seated on an office chair like I do, you know how important these things are.
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