Tuesday, 24 August 2010

tip of the day... make your own personalized gifts...

Giving family and close friends personalized gifts is a great way to make them happy and feel important. Moreover, when you make your own customized gifts, they become even more special.
To make your own photo gifts, you might want to consider these four interesting techniques: make use of your skills and talents, make a practical assessment of your spare time, follow proper time management, and brainstorm for creative gift ideas.
Brainstorm for creative gift ideas:

There are a hundred ideas on the types of gifts to make. Coming up with an excellent idea is so easy when you have fully organized your thoughts on what you want to give to someone. To guide you, here are a number of suggestions. It is up to you to determine which ones suit your time, money, capability, and, of course, the ones that your receiver will really appreciate.

* Make a photo calendar with your recipient’s photos.
* Make an apron for someone who enjoys cooking and baking. Make it more personal by adding his/her embroidered name on the front pocket.
* Make a poem about your loved one and print it on beautiful stationery.
* Bake your specialty pastries, wrap them with colorful food wrappers and place the creatively in a basket.
* Paint small terracotta pots and fill them with various cute items such as magnets, candles, and the like. You can make it more customized by adding the initials of your receiver on one side.
* Compile various favorite songs of your gift recipient in one CD, label it with the receiver’s name. Be sure to include the occasion too.
* Give the recipient a photo in a picture frame you decorated. You can decorate around the frame using beads and cutout letters to form her name.
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