Wednesday, 22 September 2010

about Rising Signs...

Since I was born on January 10th my sign is Capricorn, but very often Hubby used to tell me that many times I didn’t act like it was supposed to a Capricorn.
Being a curious of these Astrology things (but not the horoscope in the newspaper), I searched on Internet and I made a birth chart which told me that my rising sign is Virgo and it makes all the difference.
The rising sign, more commonly known as the Ascendant, is one of the astrology signs in the Zodiac that is rising on the eastern horizon the moment you were born.
It is said to speak of first impressions or of how you appear to others. Oftentimes, you may disagree with what others have to say about you the first time you meet, and you may sometimes be unaware of these traits.
Your rising sign reflects your outer image that you may not even see at all. It can also speak of your physical beauty and how you regard your appearance.
Although it does not entirely make up your personality, your rising sign contributes much to your being, as it also speaks of your initial reactions to new situations or new environments. Its traits show up right away, unlike your Sun sign characteristics that you and others will discover over time.
Many astrology websites offer tools to help you instantly determine your rising sign. You can also purchase birth charts with the special points already indicated for your convenience.
As long as you provide your exact birth place and time details, you can accurately identify your rising sign, or you Ascendant.
After determining and interpreting your rising sign traits, you are on your way to understanding and accepting yourself and other people better.
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