Friday, 17 September 2010

about white noise...

White noise or white sound is defined as a random signal that has a uniform frequency spectrum.
It can be distinguished as an unvarying and steady droning sound. The concept of white noise is especially useful in masking or eliminating other unwanted noise or sounds, like the sound of traffic.
White noise machines are used specifically for this purpose. You can actually make white noise if you want a little privacy or simply want to zone out of any disturbing noises in the environment. Parents who are taking care of babies also use white noise machines to keep the infant from getting disturbed while sleeping.
Some ways that you can make white noise include using a small fan, buying a sound machine, using speakers or a music system, and using an old radio.
Today’s world is filled with noise pollution and distractions in the form of unwanted sounds. Despite being quite simple, the concept of white noise is actually very useful for resolving this problem.
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