Friday, 3 September 2010

in a fashion rut...??????

I’ve been reading fashion magazines…
I’ve been checking fashion blogs…
I went to my hairstyle and done my hair…

However I do find myself lately staring hopelessly into my closet, dreadful of what's before my eyes as if I’m looking into a frightful abyss……

Am I in a fashion rut or am I overwhelmed with so much information that I can’t process?????





blue shoes - Stradivarius
brown skirt - random
blue shirt - Stradivarius
animal print belt -
brown necklace - C&A
sunglasses -Pull and Bear
habdbag - Parfois


  1. Overwhelmed maybe, but definitely not in a rut! I like your belt & shoes & the blue knit blouse is really nice. I don't remember seeing you wear blue very much. The color looks nice on you.

  2. Your look is gorgeous as always!!! I love the added touch of the leopard print belt..

    I think there is so much fashion information and choices that it can be overwhelming!! As you know I'm starting to give my wardrobe an overhaul ... maybe you are ready to do the same. I know its difficult to let go of clothes ... what has helped me ..
    is thinking about how wonderful it will be to know exactly what is missing (and then add to my wardrobe)- By letting go of the clothes that no longer fit my life, I'm hoping to make room for ones that will, so it will be easier to decide on what to wear each day.

    I'm sensing you are getting stronger my friend and need a little change... starting with the hair is a fantastic begining...

    Many hugs and kisses my friend..HHL

  3. I like the belt you chose! It introduces an unexpected element to your outfit.

    Sometimes I like to look at magazines or blogs looking for something I already own - and then get ideas of how to wear it differently ....rather than thinking I need to start all over.

    I'm sure you'll come up with a solution to your "rut" - just as you've already taken the step of going to the hairstylist.

    Relax and enjoy all that you have :)

  4. You look gorgeous sometimes it is hard to tell the exact color off the internet I am not sure if that is a blue or purple but that is a great color on you ~ A look marvelous! I am completely in a rut It is a miracle if I do not wear Jeans and a T shirt lol!~ I like your outfit today ~Heather

  5. obviously NOT in a style rut dear! ur blend of colours is always so refreshing!!
    i have been obsessing over animal prints recently as well! lol. love ya!!

  6. Been there, gorgeous!
    Love your necklace!


    P.S. Will probably not do the alphabet this fall... not enough research in the coffer... But thank you so much for remembering and appreciating!

  7. Hi there-You look lovely, the hair really is a good cut and style and the outfit is classic chic-what rut, haha!!

  8. You look very nice and don't look like you're on a rut.
    I guess is overload, I'm also feeling like that with the new fall/winter stuff.

    Ps: O meu marido so esteve connosco durante duas semanas dos quase dois meses de férias.
    Beijinhos,tudo e bom.

  9. Dear Ms Seeker, I lost you somehow! I wasn't blogging for almost a year, and one of the first of my best fashionable and chic blogging friends I recalled about you, I mean, first my comment was here)) I wrote a huge latter, but it seems that it wasn't saved(( i don't know why...I thought that you wanted to quit blogging for some time ( when I was here last time I saw a post about a break needed), but now I am so glad to see that you are posting and it was silly me, who just didn't check!
    You are so elegant as always, especially I love that leopard print belt and shoes!

    Have a nice week!


  10. adore that belt!!!! looks great with that outfit! x

  11. I'm overwhelmed. Too much information: what I see, what i want, what I actuaaly find in the stores and my personal style, puuuuffft!

  12. love the high wasted skirt and leopart print belt, gives it a fab touch

  13. You look great! I see no rut in these pictures.


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