Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lady Gaga's meat dress...

We know she’s “l’enfant terrible”, but I think this time she lose it.

Lady Gaga’s hat, dress and boots, which is thought to have been real meat, although that has not been confirmed, was a touch outré

As a vegetarian I’m still in shock!!!!

Well she sure got attention, but does she need attention that bad?


  1. It WAS a little much, wasn't it??? Supposedly it WAS real meat - 50 pounds of flank steak.

  2. Oh my ~ mon ami!!! That is aweful.. what was she thinking?? I agree with you!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day..!!! XO ..HHL

  3. Yes apparently she does need attention that bad forget about the vegetarian thing it is so disrespectful to waste food like that! She is so extreme I would expect she will fizzle out the same way also not to long....She is going to have a hard time following her own act. ~Heather

  4. Usually I'm a big fan of Gaga's outfits, but this one I really hate.
    What a waste and as a vegetarian myself I'm really shocked!

  5. This is the first outfit of hers that I dont really like..

  6. Yup, I didn't get it! Did a famous designer create this?! xo, mel

  7. Well she sure got attention, but does she need attention that bad?..
    I am also thinking like this...
    Is she needs attention like this?!!
    Thoughtful post..
    Have a Nice time ahead..

  8. i can imagine...vegitarians wud n outraged

  9. Hi there-hmm very controversial indeed!! I do love your profile picture, its really lovely! x

  10. I can't relate. She's too out there for my taste.

  11. Hello hunnie.,...I couldnt agree MORE! I too, am a vegetarian....Im just hoping that it wasnt real...:(

    Have a fabulous weekend!
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  12. As a fellow vegetarian, I share your shock!


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