Wednesday, 22 September 2010

"No Car Day" in the city....

September 22 marks the “Car-Free Day” in many cities and towns of the world in a bid to encourage people to leave their cars at home and join the campaign “Space for People.”
In 2000 the event was established as a Europe-wide initiative by the European Commission.
On “No Car Day” there are special 'green zones' in hundreds of cities. These normally vehicle congested areas are open only to pedestrians, bicycles, and buses from 7am to 7pm.
My city is one that takes part of this event, with the most important streets closed to car traffic and lots of people walking in the middle of it.
That’s where I took these pictures…. At the middle of the city main street… (Well it wasn’t a very comfortable situation with everybody looking at me and wondering what I was doing, because they knew I wasn’t a tourist…. So I just laugh!!)

The temperature is slowly dropping and a blazer can be already precious during some periods of the day.
I guess Fall is really arriving….




brown shoes - Zara
kaki skirt - La Redoute
shirt - Pull and Bear
blazer - Acetato
perfume - YSL


  1. Fotos lindas!
    Amei a saia em camadas!
    Beijo, amiga!

  2. Adorable outfit Seeker! I love the tshirt with that skirt.

  3. Autumn and the cooler weather may be on its way but you look wonderful as always!!!

    How nice to be able to walk about certain areas in the city and not worry about cars... Enjoy your day my friend!!! XO HHL

  4. What an amazing skirt! And you look so very good in it! It would add POUNDS to my already plump body, I fear! Your shoes complete the confident clothing statement you are making!

    What an interesting idea - no cars! It certainly makes a great stage for your style!

  5. You look great, with out without the all the ruffles on your skirt:)

    Statements in Fashion Blog

  6. Hola amiga, bonito look, por cierto en España el día sin coches ni se ha notado.

  7. You look beautiful..those strappy heels look great with that!! I love your color choices I think we like similar colors!! ~Have a fabulous day ~love the pictures ~Heather

  8. your city looks so pretty!

    you look real good lady, I love the skirt and the details of the blouse!
    here's there is no such a thing as no car day nad I think it would be the end of the world if such a thing were city is sooo big!


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