Sunday, 5 September 2010

still the matchy-matchy issue…

After wearing a mourning attire for some months as I’ve been wearing and avoiding the bright colours I find myself with a different style.
My friend T often says to me that it’s so different that people can easy see the difference.
Yes, I know that lately my outfits are more coordinate and matchy…. And instead of feeling bored I feel elegant. Hmmm….. this makes me worry and wonder… Am I being uninteresting????????? Am I disappointing the people who liked to see my unusual colour combos?

But let’s see what’s in trends….
So, according to
“The way to wear color this fall: head to toe, believe it or not. Tomas Maier sleekly paired a rosy blouse with red leather trousers, while Tory Burch showed an orange sweater and skirt with matching lipstick and leggings. On the cooler end: Oscar de la Renta's blue tweed suit with coordinating checkered tights, and a bodacious, bright purple frock and leggings combo at Mark Fast. Turns out "matchy-matchy" is now a compliment.”

I guess I can always validate my new way of feeling fashion with this…. (lol)

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  1. I'm not sure I'm ready for head to toe colour... but it is an interesting trend

  2. My dear what can one say but you are on the cuting edge of fashion trends ...

    I think that with head to colour one is given the opportunity to accessorize giving their outfit personality. I love the way you make each outfit yours .. like the leapord belt in a prior post.

    Looking forward to seeing what you will be wowing us with next!! Hugs..HHL

  3. Hello..just found your blog...LOVE it..Im your newest follower!!!

    Statements in Fashion

  4. Hi Fernanda,

    I love the outfit you had on in your previous post, I think you look very elegant, stylish and interesting. So stick to what ever makes you feel good, cos if you feel good, you look good.

    Thanks for dropping a line on my last post, loved hearing from you.

    Hope your week is going to be great.


  5. matchymatchy? Just can't do it. Clearly a child of the eighties@!

  6. I don't think you need colour to make really interesting outfits. Even if you stick to dark shades, you can play on texture and differences in shade. I've actually been buying black and grey clothes for Winter, just because I feel like wearing bright colours all the time is a little too easy in a way, if that makes sense?

  7. I love outfits composed with the same colors, I even made a post about a long time ago!

    Hope everything is fine with you!

  8. I love color, but no head to toe. I like a monochromatic look with a colorful cardigan or accessory. Now that that the fall and winter are coming I will wear a color sweater or something. I generally like a monochromatic look. I think it's very elegant and easy looking.

  9. Hi my dear-I love these pics, very inspiring and yes, colour blocking from head to toe can certainly look so chic and elegant, not boring at all!! wishing you a lovely weekend too! xx

  10. lately I've been wearing too much brown


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