Saturday, 25 September 2010

store old photographs...

Taking photographs is a great way of preserving memories and moments. These bits of the past should be treasured and preserved for the future generations to appreciate. There are several things to note in order for photographs to last and maintain their quality, particularly in the storage aspect.
Important tips on how to properly store old photographs include: choosing archival-quality materials, using non-acidic materials, washing hands before handling photographs, choosing a conducive storage environment, creating reproductions, refraining from eating or drinking when handling photographs, avoid exposing photos to damaging substances, and don’t mix up photographs.
Choose storage materials that have been labeled as appropriate for archival purposes. Old photographs may be stored using plastic sleeves and must be made of uncoated polyester, polyethylene or polypropylene. The use of such materials will definitely protect your photos from dirt, dust, fingerprints and other harmful elements in the environment. However, hand-colored prints, film-based negatives or prints with damaged surfaces must not be stored in plastic sleeves.
Photographs can prove to be valuable family heirlooms to be shared by the next generation. They give us an instant access to the past and all the memories that come with it. Storing photographs requires much patience and care and is certainly worth the trouble.
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