Saturday, 11 September 2010

that’s the way it is….

Hello my dear readers and blogging friends. It’s been a while…

I’ve been too busy at the office and it changes all my routines. Besides I feel much more tired like yesterday, when I arrived home I just lay down on bed to rest “a bit”. When I find myself it was already 1:30 am of today.

I wish I had more time to check your blogs;
I wish I had more time to write my posts;
I wish I had more imagination to get my looks;
I wish the weather would help;
I wish…
I wish…
I wish...

I wish so many things…. But the truth is that life is just the way it is!!!!!





  1. I wish you well at the office.
    I wish you well in your relationships.
    I wish you well with your health.
    I wish you a restful weekend!
    I wish I had a belt like yours :)

  2. Oh my sweet friend you look marvelous! I love how you add belts to your outfits...

    Your body must have needed the rest and sleep. Please do not over do it my friend ... take it easy and take good care of you.

    Wishing lots of hugs ..HHL

  3. oh, my dear, cheer up! you look as gorgeous as usual..there's nothing wrong from taking some time free from blogging
    tons of love!

  4. Wish You A great Time ahead!!
    With All Best Wishes!!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello:)

    Dnt forget to email your pic or two for the ReStyle feature next Saturday:)

    Statements in Fashion

  6. wow! youre so beautiful! i like your blog! i`ll follow! would like to follow mine! i post really great jobs in there! you may like it :

  7. I wish your wishes may come true :)
    Beautiful pictures .

  8. Hope work will be calming down soon!

    I love your outfit, those shoes are so beautiful!

  9. Adorei seu blog e ja estou te seguindo,se der faça o msm por mim.Abraços!!!

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