Tuesday, 7 September 2010

tip of the day... storing and keeping DVDs durable...

The thought of being able to save and preserve memories, music, images and other important data files on something envisioned to last virtually forever is quite tempting.
DVDs are known for being a practical choice for storing data because of their storage capacity. They are also popular for their archival longevity.
In fact, experts have said that with proper handling and treatment, DVDs may last up to 50 years.
Unfortunately, many of us may just think that using plastic sleeves for archiving or stacks of DVDs is sufficient in keeping them durable. Actually, there are several basic things that we tend to forget but are actually very important in order to maintain the durability and lifespan of our DVDs.
In order to maintain the durability of DVDs, you must store them in a case that is specifically designed for DVD storage, handle DVDs properly, clean DVDs regularly and with care, avoid exposure to direct light and heat, label them using appropriate materials, and regularly clean and maintain your DVD player.
DVDs have provided us with an effective way of preserving and saving important data for a longer span of time. In order to get the most of this type of archiving material, we must take care of our DVDs properly.
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