Thursday, 23 September 2010

what should I wear.....???????

As per usual Sally from already pretty brought us this post that is thoughtful and right-on.
It definitely got me thinking….
And I reached the conclusion that for some reason (note to myself: try to find this reason), I’m becoming my worst critic person.
Almost 3 years ago I wrote a post about Dressing over 40 where I tell that “The forty-plus woman no longer fits the former labels of “mature, middle-aged or older.”” And I still believe in all that I wrote in that post.
So why now I’ve been asking myself some questions like “Is this my age appropriated?” And I wrestle with personal questions about my style and fashion. Seems that instead of being more confident I’m still insecure about my style, I’m feeling fragile. Maybe because this hasn’t been a good year….

Should I must continue my search… Maybe I’m not ready to leave…

(Note to self: learn not to expose that much)




black suede shoes - local store
gray pants - C&A
2 in 1 white&black top - Cortefiel
sunglasses - Pull and Bear


  1. I think you always look terrific. I never think you're trying to look younger than you are and you certainly don't dress in a matronly way. In my opinion your choices are spot on.

    Some of the scenes in your post are just lovely. I'm not sure where you live but it sure looks nice.

  2. My dear .. you always look wonderful and put together in your wardrobe choices!!! I know what you mean about questioning yourself ... after almost 4 years of wearing "comfort clothes" (meaning sweats and pajamas)I still gravitate towards clothes that I wore 4 years ago - though I am starting to understand that its because that is what is familiar and what I remember.
    By the end of this year my goal is to figure out my "style" .

    I read the post that you referred to ... and she is wonderful .. the more we hear that something is not "age appropriate" the more depressed we will be. I think much of this age appropriateness has to do with the "young girls" who have not yet developed the body of a woman being the poster for women's clothing.. so we get the "preception" that it is not for our age ... yet I do not think there are many 16&18 year olds that require designer suits ... that women need for their careers in the corporate world..

    I hope I did not digress too much... but one thing I want to make clear YOU look fabulous in your choices!!! Dress for yourself and what makes you feel good!!!XO HHL

  3. I think your outfit is perfect:) Age is just a number, trust me:)
    I think as long as you feel good about what you are wearing, and you wear it well....then all is good in the world:)

    Statements in Fashion

  4. You always look gorgeous! And I definitely think that age is just a number and people think about it too much nowadays. It's more important to wear clothes that you really like than stereotypical clothes for certain age. And I think that your clothes and outfits are always very classy and elegant - and they look very good on you! :) And again, the outfit is perfect!

  5. Hi Seeker,

    this has been a brusy year for me as well. I am just now found a job here in the South West, and will continue to post on my blog, and you should know that as always, your style is unique, and only The Seeker know what works and what does not....

    hugs and smiles my friend...


  6. Feeling comfortable in my own "skin" or clothes is my goal. (Comfortable not meaning slouchy or sloppy....but at peace & satisfied.)

    When I "feel" comfortable, I think I can offer comfort to the people around me. Does that make sense?

    Not being a fashion model, I don't want to be a slave to fashion - always worrying if what I'm wearing is "in" or "out".

    I enjoy gathering ideas from other people's "fashion". I then sort it through my filter of age, cost, current wardrobe and activities and hopefully come up with something appropriate.

    I like the gray pieces in your outfit here! I'm glad that gray is popping up all over. I have some gray pieces in my closet and drawers and am working hard to be able to wear them (lose weight) in a couple of months.

  7. I believe ypu look great and appropriate.. I swear you don't look riduculous.
    You have manage to establish an style, or so I perceive.

    It is so common to feel insecure and as you said, this hasn't been an easy year!
    Keep looking, I believe we never find ourselves as we are not ecstatic, we are always changing and that is so cool, otherwise, life will be sooo boring

    all my love

  8. Exciting look!!
    Have a Great Week End...

  9. I absolutely love the look! And I have yet to see you in an outfit that did not look appropriate to be honest, you always seem to get it right :)

  10. Eu acho que você se veste muito bem e apropriado sim.
    Aliás, acredito que devemos nos vestir como gostamos, como nos sentimos bem.
    Beijo, querida!


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