Monday, 4 October 2010

establishing values is important...

Values are psychological and intangible in nature. Our value system may be taught to us by our parents or people who matter to us. Our values may be the results of past experiences, education and knowledge or conceived from a religious conviction. Although values are not physical objects that we can easily see or touch, they can be manifested in many other ways. Our personal values are reflected in the way we behave, in our priorities, in how we go about our activities in daily life, in the decisions we make and in how we respond to and solve issues that come our way.
Values can significantly affect the different aspects of your life. Your value system may influence how you make decisions from trivial choices to life-changing ones. When your decisions are consistent with your value system, you feel satisfied and content. On the other hand, when you do something that is contrary to what you believe in, you tend to become restless and uneasy.
A person’s values reveal what is important. They become an essential driving force in a person’s life and may serve as a guide for him as he goes through with his daily activities. For instance, a man who values his family and his responsibilities to his blood relations will make decisions that benefit the members of his household. His life’s direction and his goals will be in line with his concern for his family. It is also the same in the case of organizations. A company’s value system serves as a guide for management and for employees to base decisions they make and their approach to work.
Without values we will all function like robots, unfeeling and insensitive to other things beyond our own basic needs. We will not value truths or hold anything meaningful in life, nor will we strive to put purpose and meaning to our existence. Your values define you as a human being and give color and meaning to your life. They make you different from non-living things. Values also give you a sense of purpose and teach you to be responsible for your decisions and to effectively deal with other people.
Although values are intangible, they are actually a very important part of a person’s life. This is the reason why there are many people who are willing to sacrifice or devote their lives to the values that they hold dear.


  1. How i missed your blog :) you are looking fabulous BTW.

    Completely agree with you about establishing one's values, however i would like to add that following thru with them and making sure we are not compromising is equally important. Our core values are what define us, and if we go against them we'll end up losing touch with ourselves and one day we'll be starring at the mirror and wonder who in the world is that person staring back at us.

    not compromising is not easy but hey all things in life come with a price tag.... peace of mind Priceless, for all other things there is Mastercard LOL ( this could be a commercial)

    great to be back here at your blog

    mil beijos

  2. Yes.. I so agree .. it is important to instill values in children.. they learn from what is going on in their environment. Our values is certainly what will define us in life as they are the basis for all we do.

    Thank you for your sweet words and visits my dear friend.

    I'm from an area of Lisbon referred to as Alfacehia (??spelling??) ... I also grew up in the Algarve, Potimao.

    It has been 20 years since I have been to the main land but in August 2006 I was in Terceira ... and had the most amazing time... Next year we may visit the Islands and take a trip over to the main land...

    Wishing you a wonderful week my friend.. XO HHL

  3. Yes values are important. Each person has to have values to guide them and to make a better life for themselves. I agree that a person's values are or may be a driving force in their lives; however I take issue with people pushing their values off on another person or trying to change another person's values. This seems to happen. Personally I think one of the biggest values a person can acquire is to be tolerant of other people's values. If we all had the same exact values we would be like "robots". It is the differences that make us interesting. Religious, political, cultural values must have room for those of other people because it is almost certain these won't be exactly the same.


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