Wednesday, 6 October 2010

fashion faux pas…???

I like when I have this feeling of being maverick….

Socks, heels and age appropriated….. Fashion faux pas?

Thank you to all the dear friends that commented on my last post. You’re so kind cheering me up.




brown shoes - Zara
brown socks - random
olive green skirt - La Redoute
brown cardigan - Mango
animal print blouse - Zara
belt - C&A
brown bag - Stradivarius


  1. You're very brave - and the result is GREAT! I say, "Don't knock it 'til you try it!"

  2. I love your spirit!!! You rebel you ;) ...

    The outfit looks great ... I especially love the middle picture it captures your youthfulness and your smile... XO HHL

  3. Hi Seeker,

    I like this outfit, it looks very nice on you, and cute... :)

    You are a sweet woman, with a pretty smile, and one of my very best friends.....

    take car sweet...


  4. olá!!
    sentes-te melhor?!?eu espero bem k sim :D
    gosto da tua malita "escolar" =P

  5. i LOVE this outfit! don't shoot me, but i would prefer it without socks!

  6. Love this look, darling, especially the skirt!


  7. Hello my dear! I am so sorry about your loss, I just read your comment on my blog! I didn't know about that...I hope that you really feel better now and I wish you all the best because you are a great person and beautiful and stylish lady! I am so grateful for your sweet comments on my blog! I am updating it too rare...I want to change the layout and make some changes as to upload pictures easily but I can't do it by myself and that's why I make such long breaks in posting ( I can't imagine that I am blogging so rare but I really do..), blogspot is much more convenient..
    oh, and about the outfit, this skirt is amazing, so feminine and stylish! And I love the idea with socks, this trend looks great on you!
    I wish you a great weekend and tones of inspiration for new outfits!


  8. fashion faux pas? not at all. very chic! for any age :)

  9. that's the cuttest skirt I've ever seen

  10. Soooooo adorable! I love the look... it is just perfect!

  11. Love the skirt. I only would have picked socks that aren't see-trough (but hey, that's just my opinion!).

  12. It is not a fashion faux-pas at all. I like it.

    wearing socks with heels is trendy now. I may try it one day.

    Hope you visit my blog. Feel free to follow me if you wish.

  13. If I passed you in the street, I would no doubt stop you to tell you how wonderful you look in this outfit! Beautiful! Such style also! Very wow.


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