Saturday, 16 October 2010

rainy and windy Saturday…. let’s go casual….

Hello my dear readers and blogging friends. Hope all is great with you.

I’ve been extremely busy and concerned at the office which makes me feel much tiered when at home and just do what is just priority.
And maybe this will continue almost until Christmas… so I don’t promise to post regularly (nor check your blogs, sorry).

And here we are already in the middle of the weekend, Saturday is almost over and Sunday I’m sure will pass so quickly that I will enter the working week with the feeling that I wish I had more time to all that I wanted to do.

But this weekend we have such a bad weather!!! Wind, rain and chill.
I didn’t even get a place outdoors to take some shoots because of the rain, so I had to do it inside, in my living room.

As some of you know I’m doing some renovations at home and one thing I did was to replace my cream curtains for some fuchsia ones, creating a brighter environment.
But just today I realize that we must take care when taking pictures, because the light trough the curtains gives the photos a slightly pink tone as you can see below in my casual outfit shoots.
Let’s pretend it’s on purpose, it’s arty…. (lol)

By the way I put this look on Chicisimo, since I’m wearing a Westrags piece I’m in for theirs contest. So if you find my casual look cool why not go there and vote on it...





brown boots - local store
dark blue jeggings - H&M (Toronto)
taupe shirt - Stradivarius
light brown belt - Vero Moda
animal print scarf - Zara
black jacket - Westrags
black hat - random


  1. It is so funny to see you inside! You are such an outdoor girl. But no matter where you are you always look gorgeous.xoxo

  2. VERY cool, indeed!

    Post when you can...pace yourself at the office. Take care of yourself with rest & good nutrition.

  3. Daqui a pouco vou ficar assim devido á faculdade,por isso tou a aproveitar até ao último momento!!
    aí está a chover?aqui em lisboa está um óptimo tempo.gostei do look e tb é bom para a chuva!!

  4. You look Fabulous! I love the whole outfit.. so relaxed and ready to go out and enjoy a nice autumn day... that nasty rain! Keeping you inside after such a busy week.

    I'm sending you love and energy my friend, that the weather opens up even if for only a few hours and you are able to enjoy get out and breathe.

    Life has a funny way of sneaking up on us .. I have not done much blogging this week myself. Do not worry my dear ... post when you can, visit when you can... I will be here... Many Hugs.. HHL

  5. Love this look, especially the belt and boots!

    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, darling!


  6. I will get myself a leopard print scarf this season.

  7. obrigada,aproveitarei acredita :)

  8. Your boots and scarf are perfect!!
    Love your casual outfit<3

    *sayablack from TOKYO*

  9. You look so cute!! Love it~ That Belt is great!! I will go vote for you ....I moved my blog you can find me over here now ~Love Heather

  10. Hi my dear-your belt, scarf and hat truly make this outfit so stylish and chic looking!! Hope you have a nice week ahead!

  11. Your comment made me so happy. I am looking forward to browsing your blog for inspiration and sharing blogging stories with you.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  12. I hate chilli weather.. I love sun!!!
    I'm planning to do some renovations in my room as you, it's been look like this for two years.. it needs a chance and I have found lovely ideas on the net. when vacations start I'll be into it


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