Tuesday, 5 October 2010

when will it be good enough….

These last days I’ve been living in the corporate uniform, smart pants, a button down shirt and some heels. Boring…..

Actually I totally admit you aren't going to see any revolutionary outfits on here. It was never my goal such thing.
One I’m a working woman in an office, two I have no skills nor body for that, three I have my budget….

When I started this blog my goal was to learn… filled with thirst for information, I published all my outfits, everyday, to see my mistakes but also to see my good ideas.

As I was realizing some aspects and learning something the perfectionist in me started to appear.
And instead of feeling confident with what I knew now I find myself more and more insecure if a look is worth to publish.
Because I would very much like if I could inspire some readers to add a scarf, a fun pair of shoes or belted something, even just so they realize it is okay to have a basic pair of black pants to toss on from time-to-time.
But for that I must try to overlook that perfectionist in me that says “no, this is not good enough”…
But what is “good enough”?????? Who is the jury of that????
I see so much street style fashion with looks similar to mines but the perfectionist wants more.
So what the perfectionist takes is NOTHING!!!!

Maybe it’s because the leaves are falling, maybe it’s because the economy is bad, maybe it’s because our government measures include taking a percentage from my income…. But I’m feeling in a crisis…

Nevertheless maybe I’ll reach the day that I’ll tell to myself “I AM WORTH”!

Today it’s a holiday, we are celebrating the Republic centenary, so I dressed more casual and the weather started to chill a bit, thus a jacket felt already comfy.




beige flats - Zara
kamel pants with boyfriend belt - Zara (on-line)
gray shirt - Zara
navy blue jacket - La Redoute
brown hat - mainland store
necklace - Parfois
brown bag - Stradivarius


  1. I think you look great hunnie....and theres totally nothing wrong with any outfit you post....this is YOUR blog....and regular everyday outfits are more than fine....they may even inspire someone to do the same:)

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  2. Hola amiga, como estás?, veo un bonito look que llevas y el sombrerito te queda muy bien.
    Un beso fuerte de tu amigo.

  3. The jacket + the hat + the rolled up pant legs = a great casual look! The bag adds flair to the whole outfit.

    Don't stress over this, my friend! I just like coming to hear/see what's on your mind and how you're dressing for your unique circumstances and surroundings!

  4. I like that you take the most current trends and make them totally age appropriate. Perfection!

  5. Oh my friend ... never doubt your fashion sense .. I have been inspired by many of the looks you have posted!

    Fashion should be about being an individual and not looking like everyone else.. you have a wonderful talent for choosing just the right accessory to make each outfit yours!!! ... Hugs... HHL

    P.S. I'm not a Reiki practioner but I go to a woman who is very, very good and has been very helpful. It is amazing ... XO

  6. You're always SO WORTH! I think there are so many people that must use a formal look in a daily basis, with very little space for the revolutionary, that people that rocks de formal look by just looking great with a basic wardrobe is very necessary.

    Keep on posting your looks, please, if you have the time, I've been missing them a lot :)

  7. Hi my dear!! You do look great, so casual chic and always stylish!! x

  8. N te sintas assim,toca a levantr o astral :D
    gostei d td no look,ta óptimo :D
    bjs e cuida-te

  9. My gorgeous friend! I love everything about this look.

    On another note, I can certainly vouch for the inspiration that you are. I literally have a pre-Seeker and a post-Seeker style. And, I love my post-seeker style. For example, I NEVER wore belts before discovering your style haven here. Now, there isn't a look I don't belt. I love your style. Thank you for sharing it as it continues to evolve!

  10. i hope you get over that feeling... i guess it comes once in a while as there are too many sources and ideas and styles and it is difficult to find our personal style.
    What I've learned from you is to mix colours. You've done combos that I would have never dared to puyt together and they look great... more than great.
    Now, thanks to you I'm into contrasts and mixing.

    keep blogging!

  11. I like that hat.


  12. hi!This was a really admirable topic!
    I come from roma, I was luck to come cross your subject in digg
    Also I learn a lot in your Topics really thank your very much i will come again

  13. This is the perfect "day off" look! You are so relaxed looking in the photos. Very cute!

  14. I love these outfit of yours here. Nothing boring or corporate here. You look so adventurous and sort of bohemian.

    I found your blog via chicisimo so thought would drop by and say Hi. Would love for us to stay in touch via google/ bloglovin if you would not mind.

    Please let me know how you'd feel about that and I will happily start stalking you all over the cyberspace. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  15. hi dear! i haven't left a comment in quite some time. but i was just checking in and wanted to say that i LOVE this outfit on you! It is so perfect. I am totally jealous becuase i could never pull off that hat as well as you do! This outfit has definitely inspired me!

  16. Hey Seeker,

    the outfit got my seal of approval, loved it :)

    Missed u,



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