Saturday, 23 October 2010

with a military vibe….

Hello my dear readers and blogging friends!

It was a tough week!!! Lots of work at the office (I’m in the middle of a big project of a new software, in the team that is doing tests) which has been taking me much time and making me too exhausted that some days I even haven’t opened m laptop.
And it will continue next week….. “how great”…. (lol)

My country is crossing also a big economic crisis with some political issues and austerity measures have been announced. Tax increases, salary reductions… between others. All this is making people very nervous…including me of course.

On Wednesday I took these pictures but had no time to publish them. By the way I’m so in love with my satchel that I have been living with it. I think it’s such a great bag for a business woman for practical reasons and for the power feeling.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!! Until…..




black ankle boots - Zara
black tights - random
black and white dress - Jacob (Toronto)
brown belt - Zara (from some pants)
black military style jacket - Vero Moda
brown bag - Stradivarius


  1. Your smile is my favorite accessory in this outfit!xoxo

  2. Hi,

    I love the picture with your smile my friend, it makes you look so young!

    You definitely are not alone with the way of national worries and changes going on. My country has a president that has promised my Mexican American culture immigration reform, and has abandoned us.

    So in that way, I suppose I may not be alone to the ways of global politics?

    Take good care,



  3. Querida, adorei esse look, essa jaquetinha é liiiiinda.
    BjoBjo com carinho;)

  4. You look beautiful love the boots...well through much of history and wars and times of crisis The best way that women have used to stay positive is to look pretty and stick it out. Looks like your doing just that ~Love Heather

  5. My dear friend ... your outfit is wonderful ... and the weather for the day looked good.

    I couldn't help but smile back at my computer screen when I came to the last picture and saw your beautiful smile...

    I have been hearing from my mother the state Portugal is finding itself in and my heart, thoughts and prayers goes out to all the people (my people too .. for as you know I was born in Lisbon) for all the struggles they are facing. May this difficulty make each and everyone person stronger and may everyone come out of this better people, and rebuild the political views to better support its people.. love . xo HHL

  6. what a cute jacket honey. lovely pictures/
    wishing you strength in these hard times in your country

  7. Hello my dear friend! I agree that your smile is the best accessory! And I love this jacket! I always loved military style jackets. Though this outfit is so dark, it doesn't look sad, I find it very stylish and elegant.
    And about the crisis...well..we have it here too..and I am also very nervous, but I still cherish the hope for something totally good and fantastic:)) What else can we do, if we work, learn and so on, we do not sit and do nothing!

    Have a great week, my dear!


  8. Hi my dear-what a fabulous outfit, I do so like your dress and jacket and the belt is the perfect finishing touch!! Have a great week ahead! x

  9. Hello Dear,

    Hope your week started well. I know is stressing when developing new things but it's also very fulfilling when it's all over and done.
    I know the crisis is everywhere but I've seen it in the faces of people in our country and the fear that comes with it, even from far away I worry about what's going to happen.ALthough I know we're survivors it still makes me a little bit sad.
    Tlaking about the outfit, you look very professional and so stylish.
    Hope you've been smyling more this days.


  10. Olá, amiga!!!
    Adorei o look!
    Por aqui também se usa muito esse tipo de cinto fino!
    Acho uma graça!

  11. Great stuff! I'm getting a kick out of reading blog.

  12. I really love your dress. It suits you perfect!

  13. How clever, I love the dress with the jacket! The whole outfit is brilliant, but I love those two together in particular.


  14. Hey, something is wrong with your site in Opera, you should check into it.

  15. olá!
    Acho que já estamos em crise mesmo antes de usarmos essa palavra "crise"..Há k mudar o pensamento das pessoas e gastar akilo k tem e n akilo k n tem,n usando créditos para tudo.Claro k no meio disto tudo há aqueles k têm comportamentos racionais k vão pagar c a subida de tudo...mas a vida continua!!
    Agr passando para outro assunto:
    O look está 5 estrelas,gostei de tudinho.Tb tnho um casaco militar (o do meu último post).bjs

    p.s.comprei em Espanha a mnha satchel,estou tão empolgada para usa-la =P

  16. I am loving the military jacket!

  17. good luck, I hope you're more relaxed by now!

    you look good, the dress has a beautiful print


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