Monday, 14 February 2011

about online backup.....

If you have any important documents or files stored in your computer, you might want to implement additional security measures such as creating an online backup. Having an online backup of your important data may save you a lot of trouble in the future or under unfortunate circumstances. To appreciate online backup better, one should understand its key features.

The following are key features of online backup that you should understand: it uses offsite storage to back up data, it is provided by an online company, it decreases the upsetting costs of data loss, and backup data may be protected with a password or encryption.

Online backup is also known as remote backup. This is because the process involves backing up your data to a remote server or a separate computer with a network connection. Because a remote backup is usually automatic, the user doesn’t have to worry about constantly backing up data on CDs or external hard drives. Additionally, these mediums can be misplaced, stolen and even destroyed.

Several companies offer backup and data archiving services on the Internet for those who are interested to avail them. The backup and archiving services may be contracted for either a period of time or indefinitely depending on the agreement.

Data loss can have many debilitating effects especially for personal files or important data used in a business that can no longer be recovered. Tragedies such as fire, file corruption, power surges and burglaries can cause data loss; these casualties can cause devastating effects which can be reduced with remote backup.

Many people are hesitant about sharing data over the Internet as opposed to using an external storage location. In these instances, password protection and encryption come in handy. When your data is password protected and encrypted, hackers will not be able to steal and understand your files respectively. Both these features will ensure privacy and security in your data transfer and storage.

Online backup ultimately offers peace of mind and security to its users. But to get the most out of this service, it is important that consumers assess how much backup service they require and what other precautions should be taken.

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