Sunday, 6 February 2011

hotel ratings and their meanings.....

Hotels are usually rated from one to five stars that stand for the level of experience you will have during your stay at a particular hotel. A one-star hotel provides the most basic accommodations while a five-star hotel provides luxurious and high levels of hotel services.

You may find some hotels with star ratings on street signs or posted on travel websites. But do you know exactly what the hotel star ratings mean? Here are the most common hotel ratings and their meanings that will help you understand the level of experience you will enjoy when you stay at these hotels:

Five-star hotels are usually luxury hotels that provide you with excellent services and amenities beyond your expectations. They typically feature hotel lobbies, rooms, restaurants, and other function halls that are elegantly adorned with classy furnishings and decor.
For example, searching for Five star hotels Las Vegas listings in your local directory or on the Internet will yield a number of hotel options because of the location’s popular casinos.

Four-star hotel offer comfort and service beyond what is expected, only with less services and amenities than a five-star hotel. They still feature great interiors and are situated in locations convenient for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

A three-star hotel will let you enjoy very comfortable, clean, and stylish rooms along with great service. Most of these hotels are conveniently situated in business areas rather than in leisure locations. Although lacking extra services, these hotels commonly offer room service, a restaurant, a business center, and even a swimming pool.

Two-star hotels are typically economy hotels that feature modest yet more comfortable and cleaner rooms than other budget hotels. They are usually located in business districts, shopping areas, and hub areas, like airports and terminals. Most of these hotels also feature free continental breakfast.

The last in the rating are one-star hotels. These are budget-friendly hotels that offer basic room accommodations featuring simple beds, toilet and shower, cable television, and free parking. Most of these hotels are situated in distant locations you happen to pass by while driving on long road trips.

Travel websites may give you a star rating of their listed hotels, but you should do more than rely on their ratings. Always read customer reviews and comments from different sources to guarantee you are staying at the best value hotel and ensure you will have a wonderful experience at the hotel.
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