Sunday, 20 February 2011

I have a Guest Post I did, published…..

I was kindly invited by Aris, the Personal Growth Guides site’s owner to write a Guest Article to be published on the site.
So under the title “The Meaning of Life is Living It”, I did it.
Thank you so much Aris for this opportunity and if you, my dear readers and blogging friends, are interested in reading it you can do it here.


  1. Que legal, amiga!

  2. Wonderful article my friend.. I left this comment there:

    Fabulous article!! I can so relate to your statement "Seeking a signature style means to know yourself and then getting dressed." as this is what I am still missing .. and thus getting dressed day to day can be most frustrating (I long for the days when I could just reach into the closet pull something out and know just how to wear it.. and slip on a pair of heels)But , through wonderful friends both in person and across the miles (like yourself) I'm finding the inspiration to keep searching and discovering who I am now.

    I don't think anyone can fully understand what it is like to "loose" one's self .. unless they have traveled a journey such as ours... Blessing my sweet friend... You make a difference to me!!! xo HHL

  3. Awesome! So fun to partake in another blog :)

  4. Hi,

    your words touch many lives, and your concepts of living are real. For you are right. We can only understand and seek to learn so much until we must put forth a step into the experienced dimension of living. Without that we can only guess at what is important to us. When we act, and learn more about ourselves through action, we find the ever lasting flow of the eternal universe; Just moving everything in its spiritual direction through our personal understanding of that feeling.

    Lots of good writing, and I left your friend a comment.


  5. Wow, maybe I should try maintainng my own blgo first =x

  6. I just got done reading your wonderful guest post. You have been through so much and learned the most valuable lesson of life. It was inspirational to me. xo

  7. Thank you very much Fernanda for giving me the opportunity to post your inspiring blog to our site. Since you a part of our family, you can contribute anytime you want and even be a part of the team. Oh by the way, I am currently working on the badge, I will give it to you...that will be the sign of our appreciation for your effort and support. May the blessings of love and peace be with you and your family always!!!


  8. Parabéns pela oportunidade que venham muitas mais :D


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