Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Murano Vases....

Murano vases are decorating thousands of homes all over the world, and many museums and galleries. Murano artists have been creating art in glass for more than thousand years. From the small island near Venice in Italy, this ageless art form conquered the world with its unique range of techniques, all sizes and shapes, as beautiful at home and office as in the gallery or a museum. Look at this beautiful murano vase imported from Murano:

murano vases

This magnificent mouth-blown Murano glass vase features rich colors with extraordinary depth and radiance and presents a fine example of the most famous and distinctive ancient technique - Millefiori (a thousand flowers). This technique has become a trademark of Murano glass-making.

Although thousands of Murano Glass objects are made on the Murano island today, they are still made by the glass makers by hand, and each piece is unique. The different techniques of producing glass jewelry and other glass objects are now used by glass makers all over the world, but it is easy to recognize intricate and vividly colorful art glass typical for Murano.

These and other Murano vases as well as variety of murano glass jewelry, accessories, and home decor items can be purchased from, a US-based website with over a thousand models of products, all in stock, all made in Murano, Italy. All items are 100% authentic and come with certificates of authenticity. The knowledgeable staff is just as passionate about murano glass as the dedicated customers. Check out the website to find a wealth of information about the murano glass, its history and different styles, techniques, and, of course, Venice itself. You will enjoy a picture gallery with all pictures taken by our team members while on one of the trips to Venice. Anybody who likes Venice will enjoy browsing the website.


  1. Stunning, darling!
    I have actually been to the factory in Italy!


  2. I've never heard of Murano vases, but MY they are stunning! Very artsy and colorful, would brighten up any room !

  3. Hola amiga, ¿como va todo?, te invito a participar en mi nueva sección:
    Vintage Collection

    Hoy voy a estar de viaje pero cuando puedas me recomiendas un look vintage tuyo para incluir en esta sección, si te parece bien.
    Un beso muy fuerte de tu amigo.

  4. Never heard of these, but they're very pretty!

  5. I love Murano for its original method... I hope to one have the opportunity to visit the factory. A dear friend had such an opportunity on her trip to Italy last year and brought me a beautiful pendanr....

    Happy week-end my friend..xo HHL

  6. That is soooooooo cute. Never seen like it before. ^_^

  7. Belo adorno!
    Gosto dessas coisas de decoração!
    Beijo, amiga!

  8. Escrita exurbitante neste blog, opiniôes assim dão motivação ao indivíduo que visitar neste blogue .....
    Dá muito mais deste web site, aos teus seguidores.


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