Thursday, 31 March 2011

yay or nay, free advertising… and we’re growing on Facebook…..

Hello my dear readers and blogging friends, are you all getting ready for spring???

Is the weather on your place a spring-y one? If so you’re very lucky… here it’s raining and still cold.

These last few days I’ve been thinking about this issue that is the information that Fashion bloggers publish about the clothes of an outfit, naming the brands and having no compensation for that, if it is “Free Advertising”. I mean when I put that I bought that piece on Mango, Zara, H&M…. and many others they don’t know I’m doing that but also don’t care.

The big majority of fashion bloggers have no clothes by courtesy of any brand. Is this “Free Advertising”? Should we give that information? Yay or Nay??? Insights are very welcome!!!

On another note I’m very happy with the fact that we’re growing as a niche in Facebook. We now are more than 1000 and I’m sure we will continue to grow. Thank you so much to all that showed some love by clicking “like” on our page. But we can’t stop now… have you already done it????

Now I’ll leave you with some pictures took on Monday, a day we thought it will be hope about spring coming…..





  1. Love the look!!! it is elegant and just perfect for the transition into spring. It is still on the cold side here .. but the snow is finally melting... hugs my dear friend ... xo HHL

  2. I really like that gray piece! I think it must be SO versatile - could be worn so many ways! You look lovely.

  3. I am glad that you found Spring there... here it's still Winter.
    Love your look!

  4. I believe it's free advertising and that's the reason I never detailed the source of any item. However, I guess brands are interested in this practice and send free clothes to popular bloggers that state where their numbers come from.

    I loved the touches of fucshia, by the way :) You look so pretty lately!

  5. Love the blazer and the pink color!

  6. gorgeous outfit!

    As for your question about "free advertising"... I'm not sure.haha If you love the brand then I think you should feel free to mention it... but all these fashion bloggers really are getting nothing for advertising haha

    ps. thanks for the nice comment about my blog before :)

  7. How fabulous is your outfit!
    I'm not a big fan of logos. I'm an H&M head!! I love expressing myself...not flashing brands.
    I'm going to look for you on facebook!!
    I'm on fbook as well... !

    Love your site!

  8. I aslo meant to say I found your site thru the LBS tea party

  9. Love the pics - you're fabulous! Following you from LBS :)
    Debbie from

  10. Hi, popping in from Lady Blogger.
    Love the photos and red wrap around your neck :)



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