Monday, 4 April 2011

a new hairstyle.... and that's why I am from the Islands of Haze.....

At my office I’m an open, friendly and energetic person, so others sometimes think I’m more accessible than I really am. It actually makes me crazy when my personal boundaries are invaded (even if I don’t have a long list of them.)


We had such a terrible weather today, very smoggy, but despite of that I went to my hairdresser and cut my hair in a shorter hairstyle. Oh and change a bit of my colour…

I really don’t like much these pictures, it seems that my legs are shorter than they truly are.

Anyway I decided to publish them because I felt that it was a stylish outfit.

I will remember this and next time will have more caution with that.

I just hope and wish spring will come quickly….




  1. Your hair looks great! Love the way it sweeps to the front and frames your face beautiful.

    This is a fabulous outfit... the pant colour is perfect and I see a little of it in the scarf. I love that you have layered. The jacket with the cream trim really gives the outfit that little extra touch .. as always my friend great inspiration for looking good!!!xo HHL

  2. I have a pair of pants that color & I love wearing them! Good looking outfit. It looks like you have some curls... as for me, I'm always trying to get rid of my curls!

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  4. Your hair looks great I love how it is wispy....I am hoping to do a big hair change soon I want to get rid of the black color I am naturally blond if you can believe it lol!! But It is going to be quite the ordeal I think to get that dark color taken out. ~You look great love the new hair have a wonderful week ~Love Heather

  5. Love that scarf, I'm a real sucker for scarves :)

    I'm doing fine! Hope you're fine too?

  6. Gorgeous 'do, darling!
    You look lovely!


  7. Hi my dear-your hairstyle looks lovely and the blazer and red jeans is a fabulous combination! Hope you're well and have a great week!! xx

  8. look at your new hair! very mod! you look great!

  9. Love the new hairstyle. :)

    The Cat Hag

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  11. Great hair! And I like that you're part of the red-pants trend!

  12. Comprei uma calça vermelha também, amiga!
    Estou doida pra estrear!


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