Monday, 16 May 2011

and we have a…… GIVEAWAY winner….

Today is the day to be chosen at random one lucky winner of the $25 gift card sponsored by the lovely people at SkinCareRx , available to use on,, or

(I must confess that I’ve put many expectations on this giveaway which didn’t take).

I gave to all comments the order number, and I used to generate a true random number. Since some comments weren’t eligible I was afraid I had to do it more than one time, but it wasn’t necessary.
The result at the first time was this:

So the winner is...


Congratulations darling!!!


  1. Karena congratulations!!!

    My sweet friend you did everything's hard to understand why sometimes give-aways get a lot of response and yet others fall short. Usually the ones we think are going to get great response - don't and yet others that make you wonder what all the fuss is is get the responses.

    You offered and amazing giveaway and remember often people visit our blogs and don't leave a comment. But read our posts regularly. You may consider adding a visitor counter to your blog ...its free for a basic counter ... I have one on the right side of my blog.You will be surprised at how many people do visit/read your blog.

    Again thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!!xo HHL

  2. Thank you so very much I am so excited about this! My skin needs all the help possible at this age!

    You can email me at

    Art by Karena


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