Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday, 13th.....

Another Friday 13th…. Have you spent it well?????

I know I’m repeating myself, but I’m sick and tired of this weather…. Where is spring??? We still have cold and wind. The proof is my messy hair in these pictures.
I want to start wearing some spring clothes…. I don’t want to change from winter clothes to summer clothes …… I love my new spring clothes!!!!

Today I took these pictures at a nice place inside my office’s building. This building was once a Convent. So it has some interesting places.

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black booties
red pants
yellow belt
gray shirt with blue stripes
black military style jacket
red and blue scarf


  1. Love your outfit, its sort of nautical with a twist.

    Spring seems to be taking its time this year, it give us a cheeky hint at the beginning of April and now its disappeared.


  2. I really hope that the weather will get better there soon! I know it isn't fun when it's still that cold!
    Love the red pants!

  3. how many colored pants do you have :p

  4. I'm hoping for nice warm weather too! We were teased with a few really nice days .. now we are back to rain, rain and more rain .. damp weather!!! My dear friend I'm catching up on my blog visits ... thanks fr your post on the windsor scarf knot ... I'm starting to wear scraves and need all the help I can find...

    Your photos are great .. love the green pants and the way you have acessorized the outfit above... many hugs and blessings... xo HHL

  5. The smile matches the cheerfulness of this outfit! I like it.


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