Tuesday, 24 May 2011

here comes the sun.....

Another 2 in 1 post…. I mean two looks just in one post now because I have no time for more.

Yesterday the sun started to peek and the feeling that good weather might come was great to dress bright colours, like my green pants, paired with pastel, my light pink blazer.

Today we had such a nice day with the sun shinning at last. I had just the wish to wear my new Westrags white blazer.

I just hope the sun will last and will make the temperature goes up, because I have a friend’s weeding this weekend and my outfit requires the hit.


black booties
green pants
pink belt
flower printed shirt
light pink blazer
mixed jewellery


black and white shoes
red pants
camel belt
light blue shirt
white blazer
mixed jewellery


  1. Hi my dear-what a stylish and versatile blazer, your outfits are lovely, I really am into vibrant bold colours for jeans and you look great! Have a good week too xxx

  2. Love all the bright pants!

    Hope you are doing well, darling!


  3. You look gorgeous as always! So glad the sun has decided to shine on you. It's a beautiful day here in central Texas, cool & breezy this morning but will be warm/hot this afternoon. Have a great weekend!

  4. i can never pull off red pants.

  5. fabulous!

    i hope the sun stays and keeps you warm!


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