Monday, 16 May 2011

my (un)friend the wind…….

Today the sun peeked and if it wasn’t for the North wind maybe we could have had a warm day…

I’m still with my home renovations which I expect to end by the middle of June, until then I haven’t much time to write long posts. Sorry my dear readers and blogging friends…..

I’m wearing my chambray shirt as a smart way to wear denim at the office, just peeking, like the sun, under my light pink blazer.

brown booties
navy blue pants
white t-shirt with flower prints
denim blue chambray shirt
light pink blazer
lavanda scarf
bracelet set


  1. Loving this look my friend!!! You rebel .. :) ...the denim peaking out is perfect!!!
    Hugs and Blessings, xo HHL

  2. Love it!! even with the wind hehehe you look fabulous ~Love Heather

  3. PErfect outfit! Love that blazer!


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  5. I never thought I would agree with this option.


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