Monday, 2 May 2011

how to tie a silk scarf using a windsor knot.....

Silk scarves are an ideal way of adding accessories to an outfit or creating an additional touch of elegance.
There are several things you could do utilizing silk scarves, that make them convenient fashion stuff.
The Windsor knot is one way of tying your silk scarf and making it look full and stylish. It is a wide knot that’s more typically used on males’ ties and for formal affairs. But girls could also style their own oblong scarves this way and create a fabulous full knot that can immediately accessorize a top or blouse.
If you would like learn how to tie a silk scarf by using a Windsor knot, follow these techniques:

- Start by draping the scarf around your own neck
- Cross the long end and bring it under the narrow one
- You can turn the scarf above and slide the longer end below the shorter end
- Create a couple of small loops
- Drag the scarf with the collar loop
- Pull the longer end downwards

Considering that Windsor knots are often wide and full, you may leave the uppermost button of your top open to provide the knot more area. If you want, you can also wear Windsor knots over a collarless top so you can flaunt how it compliments your neckline.
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