Tuesday, 31 May 2011

what Monday had in common with Tuesday…..

Apart from work (lol) a green piece was something I had in common in my Monday’s and Tuesday’s outfits.

Monday with the pants and Tuesday with the belt, hmmmmm….. should I decided that it’s green week and wear everyday a green piece…. I don’t think so, but it’s an interesting idea to do someday, a week with a theme.

Like I’ve told you in my last post I’m still thinking about Forgiveness and how it approaches an exercise…..

Hope you’re having a nice and blessed week.

beige sandals
green pants
fushia shirt
white blazer
printed scarf
mixed jewellery

camel booties
red pants
green belt
camel shirt with red stripes
navy blue blazer
mixed jewellery
cat eyes sunnies


  1. Everything about the "green" is great - the shade, the fit, the combination. I like it!

  2. As a longtime fan of the way you play with color, I have to say that I love the way you worked with the green and other colors in both looks! Gorgeous!!

  3. Gorgeous colors, and I love the green pants! I hope you're doing well, Seeker. Forgiveness can be an exercise; sometimes it's one that I exercise for too long!

  4. I love how colorful you always are. The green pants are great.

  5. You look fabulous love all the color ~Have a wonderful week Love Heather

  6. I love those pants! I'm inspired to wear more green.

  7. you live in such a beautiful place


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