Sunday, 5 June 2011

some of my thoughts about Forgiveness…..

I already told you that because of some sort of things that have been happening in my life I have been thinking much about Forgiveness. So I thought it was a good time to explore some thought.
(Sorry for the long post)

Every day I live and I learn from life, the more it reinforces me the understanding that forgiveness goes well beyond an attitude localized and isolated, it approaches an exercise. It is a set of attitudes that we take and re-evaluate, building new interpretations of life, discovering and choosing new angles. Forgiveness is part of a series of internal and external actions and needs time to settle.

Once I read a phrase that made me thinking about the deeper meaning of forgiveness: "True forgiveness is to give up hope that the past was different."
So it's not open the door of my house and my life for those who did me wrong? Not to forget the past? Well, the forgiveness that opens the heart is one that recognizes that the past is over and that nothing can change it. Only the well lived present can insert new tracks on this road. Forgiveness includes the need to recognize that we also did what could be done, we realized what to do, within the possibilities we glimpsed: self-forgiveness. Recognizing we are humans, susceptible to error and correct them in trying to learn.

The hurts of the past hold us and make us fear the future, removing the power of the present and the opening to live it. They take place in our closed hearts, making it difficult for other emotions, other stories, other life experiences can flourish. A heart so full like this is a heart that approaches reality only by half. Then we become bitter, not only by the experiences of grief, but also by the closure created that causes our emotional life wither, and together our joy, our willingness, our creative impulse.

This is not about sweeping the dust under the carpet. Forgive is not Forget. It is actually an exercise to see and feel this dust of the past, identify where it comes from and where it is. And then start to clean it if necessary to seek help for it to use all available resources to clean the house and open it to the fresh breeze of new times. A heart that opens to recognize and address their grievances is a free heart to beat again in the rhythm of the emotions that arise here and now.

I’ve said that we must acknowledge our scars as combat marks, but without heaviness and pain.
But why do I still feel that about some things I’m not yet ready to forgive????



  1. Bitterness will eat us causes sickness and robs our joy. Forgiveness is powerful...once we allow it to work its power in our lives, it is the most freeing thing we can do.

  2. Soo lovely!

    Maybe you'd like to follow each other? :)


  3. I feel you lady!
    forgiveness goes against our very own nature, but we simply have to make a CHOICE~ also for our own peace & joy!
    Baby steps i guess...we can do it!
    much love*

  4. Lovely post and blog! I'm over from the blog hop and am your newest follower. Hope you'll follow me back! I totally agree with you about forgiveness.

  5. olá obrigada :=)
    há quanto tempo...espero que esteja tudo bem.
    o post é bastante interessante e realista :)

  6. Forgiveness sets us free, bitterness tends to torment us in the end.
    I hope you are well my lovely

  7. The quote about giving up hope that the past could be different really resonates with me!! Over the last few months, I have been working on accepting things/situations/people that I cannot change. Doing so has allowed me to forgive more. Most importantly, I now experience so much more freedom in my life. You seem to be on an amazing path...I wish you well!

  8. I also have to remind myself sometimes to be patient with progress.

  9. It is easy to forgive, that is, if you want to forge ahead.

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