Friday, 29 July 2011

currently reading "The Chocolate Run"........

Amber Salpone thinks in chocolate - talk to her for three minutes and she'll tell you what kind of chocolate you'd be. In fact, most days, if she was asked to choose between chocolate and relationships, there'd be no contest. At least chocolate has never let her down. Unlike her family. Growing up in the Salpone household has taught Amber to avoid conflict - and love - at all costs. So, when she does the unthinkable and has a one-night stand with womaniser Greg Walterson, her uncomplicated, chocolate-flavoured life goes into meltdown. Especially when Greg announces she's the love of his life - and Amber finds it hard enough to decide if she wants plain or Fruit & Nut ...Meanwhile, her best friend, Jen, seems to be launching a bid to become Bitch Of The Year and Amber's family are making unreasonable demands. Amber has two choices: to deal with her past and the people around her, or to go on a chocolate run and keep on running...


  1. Sounds like some light & entertaining reading! What a wonderful way to spend some spare hours.

    By the way, I agree. Your friend, Vicen, did a wonderful job with that slide show! Fun to see your beautiful face & wardrobe in a different format!

    Be well. I hope your fun and joy in blogging returns. You are missed when you're not "here"!

  2. Oh my dear friend .. I have missed you!!! I'm so hoping you will be back to blogging soon. This sounds like a wonderful book, thanks for sharing it!! xo Blessings..HHL

  3. I vote for the chocolate run! Nice to see you here again. :-)

  4. Hi Fernanda, I have also taken kind of a break, just lost my zest for blogging. I battle to find enough time to do it. But as you said, I will not shut it down, I just post less and that is it.

    Thanks for dropping by, as you said, I have made some good friends through blogging and do not want to lose them. You are one dear friend, will always be remembered and appreciated.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, hope your weekend is special, and the week better.
    Take care.

  5. Olá amiga,

    Já não vinha cá há tanto tempo !
    Parabéns, ficaste muito bem no vídeo feito pelo teu amigo.
    O chocolate não desilude a Amber ? A mim , sim, porque eu saboreio-o lentamente e ele vai logo parar às minhas ancas !!! ;) LOL

  6. Sounds fun, darling!
    Hope you are doing well!



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