Sunday, 10 July 2011

until we meet again…

My dear readers and blogging friends, no I’m not shutting down my blog but I’m taking some time to think and do some things in real life that I need to do.

I think my job here isn’t done yet, I haven’t found the inner me, but the fun and joy I found when I started this blog was lost and now I just find worry and anxiety. I don’t want that so I’m taking a break.

I don’t know when I’ll publish again, but I will not disappear I will stay around on internet checking your blogs, sometimes commenting others not but I will stay updated.
Let’s not loose contact, I’ll keep the Facebook page (if they don’t start to charge me….) and also we can stay in touch by e-mail.

I made some great friends and I’m grateful for that!!!

And what a better way to say “until we meet again” than trough this beautiful work my dear friend Vicen from Look 10 made for me. I’m really amazed with it and have no words to thank Vicen.

In the meantime get dressed, love what you wear, and wear what you love.
Have a fabulous time.



  1. Hi Seeker,

    please stay in touch with us...

    always your friend,


  2. Sabes que me tienes aquí, espero contar con tu compañia.
    Y gracias por dedicarme este post.
    Besos de tu amigo

  3. I really hope you'll start blogging again soon. I'll miss your posts!

    Please stay in touch! And all the best for you my dear!

  4. As always, loveeeee your style!!

  5. Hi sweetheart,

    I have a tag and awards for you over here in America...

    I hope you will take them and pass them along when you come back...

    Click on this link when you have time to take your award


  6. Hi Seeker, I'm going to miss stopping by for updates. I shall continue to check up on you & read some of the blogs that I've missed.

    I know what you mean about having anxiety of keeping up with a blog. There are many times that I just don't have anything worth saying, but sometimes I have photos I love to share.

    Keep in touch with me. Lizzy :-) xoxoxo

  7. Oh, I forgot to say: I love the video!!! Lizzy

  8. Very similar.

  9. Hope everything is okay, gorgeous!
    Great to hear from you!



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