Sunday, 16 October 2011

again wild prints and my wider legs red pants…..

This picture was taken on Thursday, seems that lately I’ve been in the mood to wear animal prints.
It’s still warm but we feel that the weather is chilling a bit.

Today I took some time to review old post on this blog. Because with the crisis that hit my country and all the cuts we’re having on salaries and bonuses, clothes became not a priority and I’m preparing to start mixing and remixing what I have to stay in style.
But now I feel nostalgic….. I miss the old times when my posts had 20, 30 and even 40 comments every day!!
Oh well…. I guess time changes…..

Have a nice working week all of you.



honey booties - Zara
red pants - local stones
brown belt - Zara
animal print blouse - Zara
honey vest - Berska
sunglasses - Mango
jewelery - Parfois


  1. Oh my dear friend ... It was so nice to see you had stopped by. Time just seems to be flying by. I went back and caught up on your posts the past few days { I was away in Paris - for some much needed rest ...).

    Congratulations on 1000 posts!!! YAY!! ... I loved your black skirt! and the outfit in this post is amazing.

    There are challenges facing many parts of the world and I think your creativity and great fashion style will be an inspiration to many - to look inside their closets and re-work existing items to help stretch their budget. I think things have been a little slow in BlogLand overall ... again with everything that is going on around us.

    This may be a great opportunity for you to expand your readership ... as more people will be looking for ways to stretch their budget - but stay fashionable.

    Wishing you a wonderful week filled with many blessings!! xo HHL

  2. Hi my dear-what a fabulous outfit for Autumn, very inspirational and perfectly on trend too xxx

  3. Love those pants!


  4. Pois, os tempos não estão fáceis por cá e comprar roupa já não se faz do mesmo modo que se fazia antes... as despesas têm de ser bem controladinhas! Adoro a blusa, beijinho!

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  6. Love the red trousers! You, as always, look fabulous. I'm sorry I haven't been by of late; I seem to be so caught up with problems in my little part of the world. It's a pity we can't have totally happy days, but then that would not be life, would it?

  7. Those red trousers are so good. Ha and I remember when I used to get like 60 comments, and now I'm lucky to get 10.

  8. Gostei muito do look!
    Adoro calça vermelha!
    Beijo, amiga!


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