Monday, 31 October 2011

wild things.... some wild things.... on Halloween day....

So are you prepared to celebrate Halloween? I hope that those you celebrate it will have lots of fun.

Here, at the Island, Halloween is not a tradition, but since tradition isn’t what it was anymore, each year we see more and more expressions of people celebrating it. Halloween is being imported from other cultures, especially the parties. The kids still go door to door asking for something (like candies, gums, chocolates and money) on November 1, meaning tomorrow.

Tomorrow it'll be a Holiday “All Saints Day”, but it might be the last year because with the crisis we’re going trough some Holidays are going to be cut and probably November 1 will be one of those.

The outfit I wore today it’s a bit of monochromatic but it pleased me very much. The animal print details were the focus of it, especially the boots match with the belt.
Looking for the pictures I realized that everything I wore today was bought on-line in La Redoute…. Interesting I guess.




A detail of my boots, I hope you can see them better here.


animal print booties - La Redoute
camel chino pants - La Redoute
beige shirt - La Redoute
animal print belt
printed scarf - La Redoute


  1. OH my darling!! Your outfit is perfect!! I'm loving those booties; not only are they fun and leopard print; they are wedgies and I would be able to wear them and have some height!!! ... since, as you know high heels can now be a bit of a challenge.

    I wish that things get better on the island and around the world... things are very scary ... with the population reaching 7 billion ... all the world's resources are truly stretched. Stay strong, keep believing and keep the Faith! Sending you many hugs, kisses,and Blessings across the ocean. XO HHL

  2. Solo para decirte que estás fantastica y desearte toda la felicidad.
    Besos amuiga.

  3. Oh your SHOES!
    so wild & super fabulousss...
    And you still managed to walk on those cobble stones surface!


  4. Love the scarf!
    And yes, I believe Romwe ships internationally :)


  5. Amiga querida, está linda, como sempre!
    Adorei suas botas!
    Por aqui temos Halloween nas escolas de inglês.

  6. you look beautiful! and your fabulous outfit is perfect for fall!


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