Monday, 14 November 2011

shoes for women that are in fact shoe art.......

I stumbled on Kobi Levi- Footwear Design’s blog and realized that his shoe creations enlarge the imagination with women's footwear.
They are from another world, original, humorous and wonderfully imaginative that I guess they are in fact art.
Probably you already know them and I’m sure his unique shoe designs have certainly already made a "splash" in the fashion world.
However I’m not seeing myself with any of them, because despite I've always had a bit of a shoe fetish, this is definitely taking it to the next level!
Coffee Time???
Banana Peels!
Puppy Love...
The Mallard Duck... Canada's National Bird

Don't you just hate stepping in gum?


  1. These are brilliant... I had to do a double take on the first one!!! Happy Monday my sweet friend..xo HHL

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