Wednesday, 14 March 2012

random thoughts about the “new” Fashion Blogland….. personal style and my new challenges….

My dear readers and blogging friends, so much time has passed since I last wrote that it feels a bit weird and I really don’t know where to start. But let’s just the mind flow…
I have been thinking daily of my blog and weekly I think of two or three topics that I could write about and then don’t. The longer I don’t write the more I feel a lot of pressure which then stops me from posting.
During my absence some “important” events have happened. I had my Birthday, now I’m a FOF – Fabulous over Fifty, can you imagine that….?
I have been very busy at work with three trips to other islands, each one of a week and also felling very tired and also have been sick.
Meanwhile I madea journey through the desert” thinking about Fashion Blogland, how it was when I started blogging and how it is now, if I really wanted to stop blogging or if this somehow forced break was “just” a break.
Something is off now, I can feel it. People no longer blog because they have the desire to share their unique perspectives with the world. Every single fashion blog is starting to look the same. The most famous and visited are young fashionistas and big brands sponsored. And why is that?
It pains me to say this, but the vast majority of fashion blogs have become little more than glorified advertisements for online shops and products. Some bloggers are out there chasing sponsors, treating their blogs like a full-time job.
Me, well these days, I must admit, I never solicit advertising, but whenever I get an e-mail and feel like having a little extra cash in my pocket I don’t refuse. But it kind of distresses me that I have not learned to compete in this market.
However I don’t know if I care about it. I am not an entrepreneur, just a regular person with a savant-like fascination with fashion, who will never be able to afford some brands and that’s totally okay. But I can’t compete with that because it’s just not my field. The looks I create are for everyday, for a woman of my age that works and despite not having a strict dress code I have to look presentable. But I would like to diversify and step outside of my comfort zone. Because when I started to align with the mainstream I fell in a fashion route.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still interested in sharing my writing, my style and ultimately myself with the world. I’m still searching for my personal style. But I don’t want it to be just another Fashion Blog.
Because your personal style is your identity. As you create it, as you discover the things that enhance your view of the world and figure out how to bring them into your life, your personal style transforms into a autograph, something distinguishable as belonging to no one else but fabulous you. It’s your personal style amplified, flourished and complete.
Taking personal style into the signature territory is about a lot of things. Analyzing your life and understanding the many elements of it – from how you behave to what you wear, read, watch and eat – can give you more insight into who you are and what best describes your style. Do you have a signature scent? A signature lipstick? A signature film? Things that not only your friends recognize as being very “you”, but things that you instantly recognize as being favorites; deeply-important-to-you favorites.
As I’m challenging myself to cultivate my signature style, I’m also trying to change my posts form, keeping the content and I’ll invite you to make this path with me.
Hope to see you soon….


  1. My friend.. I can not express the excitement I felt when I saw you had posted!! I'm so happy to read you are OK .. I have continued to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. and even Mr. G - has asked if I had read anything on you, since I hadn't shared any post in so long.

    Reading your post, I think you are on an amazing path!! There are not enough magazines, advertising that reflects the women (over 40) we are out there, let alone BLOGS!! Being unique is what will make you stand out among all the clothes racks.

    have you heard of the magazine MORE ... it is one of the few in Canada and US that focus on over 40 and I have not seen anyone blogging about it (in the circles I travel in blogland, yet most women are over the 40 mark).

    If there is anything I can help , as before my friend, please just ask... I will help where I can.

    AND now ... HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! the year ahead is just the beginning of the NEW YOU, LIFE!!! ... Hugs and Blessings, C. (HHL)

  2. Welcome back darling!
    Lovely quote and post.
    Can't believe you are 50+... Happy Birthday, gorgeous!


  3. I've loved reading this -- that you're OK and your thoughts. I share them in the most part. I hope that you keep true to your aspirations as related to your blog, and go on sharing your style.

  4. Eu não censuro quem faz isso pelo blog,cada um faz o que pretende,nem todos começamos o blog com o mesmo objectivo.Mesmo ausente,voltas-te em grande gostei dessa partilha de pensamentos,parabéns atrasados :)

  5. I just received an email today regarding someone wanting to advertise on FA'SHOE'NISTA! I replied favorably, but I must agree with you, most blogs are merely drones of advertisements for brands and the like. I've been trying to keep things fresh with my blogs and just write about the styles that I like and not get involved with all the other mahem that comes with trying to compete. I think I'm too old for that. I'm very glad to see you back and totally understand where you are right now. I would love to take your journey with you.

    Have a great day, my love and I look forward to more from you!

  6. Great post, i wish you the best for the future. I hope your birthday party was fine and the starting point for your new life

  7. I am sorry, that I can help nothing. I hope, you will be helped here by others.


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