Tuesday, 10 April 2012

leave your heels at home this summer.......

You all know that I’m a heels woman, but are you tired of the burn you get from wearing heels? If another day of blisters and ankle pain fills you with dread, then fear not – this summer you can leave the stilettos at home as the flat shoe is back as a hot trend. And although many girls have figured out of the secret of how to walk in heels, those of us who can't master stilettos will be pleased to hear that flats are the sexy footwear style this season.

From ballet flats and canvas trainers like Converse, to brogues and classic Ugg boots, flat shoes are designed primarily for comfort and style. We all know that it’s almost impossible to run for the bus in heels! Flats are made for ease and function, and come in a wide variety of styles to fit even the smartest of occasions.

Flat boots
Flat boots can be casual or dressy, are typically more wearable than heeled boots, and look great with just about anything. Whether you choose boots that are over-the-knee, ankle height or calf length, they’ll look great with a wide variety of outfits – skinny jeans, skirts and dresses included.

Canvas and rubber trainers

These provide optimum comfort for your feet. The shoes are available in designs called low-tops and high-tops, and can be worn as sports shoes or day-to-day shoes. Plenty of stylish designs and colours are available – opt for all black or go funky with vibrant hues of gold and silver.

Ballet pumps
The most common variety of the leather slip-on is the ballet flat. They’re super comfortable, and are perfect to slip on to run to the shops if you’re in a hurry. Pair with slim-fit jeans and a sexy top for a cute on-trend look. Be warned though – they have very little sole, so they’re not ideal for long, strenuous walks.

Canvas flats
The canvas flat is trendy and affordable. Even better, it's easy to pack a few pairs if you're travelling, due to the canvas top. Just push them down and they're almost flat in your suitcase.

Whilst flats are more comfortable and easy to walk in, die-hard heel lovers will be happy to know that there are also some fabulous styles out there this season. But just because your feet are planted firmly on the ground, doesn't mean that you have to turn into someone who has totally lost her fashion sense.


  1. YAY!!! having the need to be more sensible with my footwear choices, I'm happy that flats are in. But you know my friend I'm a Heel girl at heart!! Hugs to you across the miles! xo HHL

  2. As you know I love to wear flat shoes. My current favorite is by Merrell and is the Barefoot Pace Glove: http://zapp.me/7718429
    Go to the site above to see it. I bought the "Acacia" color (gray & greenish-yellow in color)

  3. Hi my darling Seeker!

    I don't wear heels, but I would if I could...LOL, I do wear Converse flat tennis, and they are very comfy, and stylish...

    It was nice to hear from you just know you are my STAR, and that I love your style and adore your friendship darling...



  4. This is good news! (Though I still love the look of heels....)


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